I’m a writer, speaker, wife, and mother.  I’m a former School Counselor with a B.S. in Psychology and a M.S. in Counseling & Human Development. I’m also a… well… widow doesn’t fit, my spouse is healthy.  Orphan doesn’t describe me, I have several parents.  There’s just no title for a mom who loses a child… that’s the one I’m looking for.

Raised as a conservative Christian, I began to re-examine my assumptions about God’s role in suffering a couple years before the death of my 4-year-old son, Henry.  By the time our lives were turned upside down by terminal brain cancer I’d rejected the notion that everything happens according to a mysterious, divine plan.  Instead, I embraced the view that, for now, God doesn’t always get his way and that evil, pain, and suffering are not his ideal will for us.

I started a blog a few weeks after Henry died to share what helped me survive life’s hardest moments. Several of those posts and resulting conversations spurred me toward writing a more comprehensive account of my faith journey and the theology that became invaluable to me, especially during the loss of my son. The resulting book is titled Lord Willing?: Wrestling with God’s Role in My Child’s Death. I pray that the sharing of my journey will be helpful to you in yours.


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