I started this blog in January 2013, weeks after the death of my precious 4-year-old son, Henry. Two years before Henry’s passing, I began a radical faith transformation which I outline in these posts:

A Developing Picture of God: Part One

A Developing Picture of God: The Blueprint Worldview (Really!?!)

A Developing Picture of God: The Warfare Worldview

A Developing Picture of God: Q&A and Wrap-Up

In this space, I process my ongoing faith journey and apply my new-found passion to the grieving and growing process.  Among other issues, I’ve explored the fact that many Christ-followers seem to embrace a passionless hope, resulting from the belief that God causes or specifically allows horrific suffering for “mysterious higher purposes.”  I’ve engaged God’s role in pain, and contrasted the popular assumption that life unfolds according to a mysterious divine plan against the love displayed on Calvary.  I’ve asserted that chalking the difference up to mystery leaves us ill-equipped to comfort the broken-hearted.

I’ve also had the privilege of sharing, with thousands of folks, how this beautiful picture of a Jesus-looking God drastically impacts my experience of suffering (below).  The point of my talk and the point of this blog is simply this – to ask people to wrestle with their picture of God.  Why?  Because for all of us, pain comes.  Loss comes.  I don’t want anyone’s crisis to be compounded by a crisis of faith.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and thanks for being a part of this process.

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